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Date Printed: 6/2/2015
Chateau La Mondotte  2005
Chateau La Mondotte 2005
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The Wine Advocate rating: 99 points
Wine Spectator rating: 97 points
PRICE ON 6/2/2015: $439.00

ratings pedigree (past vintages):
2010 The Wine Advocate rating: 99 points
2010 Wine Spectator rating: 97 points
2010 International Wine Cellar rating: 96 points
2010 James Suckling rating: 96 points
2008 The Wine Advocate rating: 95 points
2008 International Wine Cellar rating: 95 points
2008 Wine Spectator rating: 93 points
2008 Wine Enthusiast rating: 93 points
2007 International Wine Cellar rating: 93 points
2007 The Wine Advocate rating: 92 points
2007 Wine Spectator rating: 90 points
2006 The Wine Advocate rating: 97 points
2006 Wine Spectator rating: 93 points
2001 The Wine Advocate rating: 94 points
2001 Wine Spectator rating: 93 points
2001 International Wine Cellar rating: 92 points
1998 Wine Spectator rating: 98 points
1998 The Wine Advocate rating: 96 points
1998 International Wine Cellar rating: 91 points

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About Chateau La Mondotte:

La Mondotte is located on the eastern part of the Saint-Emilion plateau next to Troplong-Mondot. This 4.5 hectare vineyard is an absolute gem. Its outstanding terroir (clay limestone soil with very silty clay and a rocky subsoil) has all the natural qualities to produce very great wine. Excellent hydric regulation encourages the vines to sink their roots deep into the soil. The superb sun exposure and fine natural drainage due to the steep slope make this a very early-maturing terroir.

The vines are an average of 50 years old and the vineyard contains only premium grape varieties (75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc). Ripening, especially of Merlot, is almost invariably early and complete. The terroir, age of the vines, and infinite attention paid to viticulture and oenology, combine to produce truly great wine at La Mondotte. The terroir also confers unparalleled finesse. This rare wine (maximum annual production of just 11,000 bottles) is always in very great demand.