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Date Printed: 3/27/2017
Chateau La Gordonne La Chapelle Gordonne Rose 2012
Chateau La Gordonne La Chapelle Gordonne Rose 2012
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PRICE ON 3/27/2017: $29.99

Winemaker's Notes:

La Chapelle Gordonne Rose is the subtle pink of rose petals. Light filters easily through affording it a radiant air. The nose is very fresh, elegant and fine, yet rich. The palate reveals floral notes of pretty little red berries. It presents a fine balance, charming velvetiness and a great length. The finish is very soft. A wine of great potential.

La Chapelle Gordonne Rose is the perfect accompaniment to rich seafood such as bellevue lobster where the finesse and fat in the crustacean marry perfectly with the wine.

My Notes:

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About Chateau La Gordonne:

Chateau La Gordonne has always had wide appeal. As early as the 1st century BC, the Romans set up on the site of La Gordonne to take advantage of its vines and its wines, but above all, to enjoy the exceptional microclimate of La Gordonne's schist crater.

In 1300, the Carthusians from the La Verne monastery near Pierrefeu du Var began working the vineyard. Sully, a fine connoisseur, stayed at La Gordonne several times, although it was known as ‘La Mayon d'Aurran’ at the time. The estate was planted with vines and olive trees, and took its name from Conseiller de Gourdon, who owned it from 1650 to 1663. Then in 1663, the Conseiller de Dedons, Lord of Pierrefeu, bought part of the Aurran property known as ‘La Gordonne’ and its house, vines, and olive trees.

In 1754, the Dedons family, now Marquis de Pierrefeu, still owned the estate. Records of a new owner, the Bishopric of Toulon, can be found just before the French Revolution in 1789. In 1850, the Château and its outbuildings were completely restored. In 1922, Mr Grimaud, a genuine wine producer who had become owner of the property, started selling Château La Gordonne wine, renowned for its richness and its intensity, in the Toulon market.

The Chateau has been selling its wines ever since. With the extremely high quality of its wines and the creation of the La Chapelle Gordonne cuvee, Chateau La Gordonne is now entering a new stage towards its international recognition.