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Date Printed: 4/24/2015
Casteggio Sangue di Guida 'Oltrepo Pavese' 2010
Casteggio Sangue di Guida 'Oltrepo Pavese' 2010
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PRICE ON 4/24/2015: $14.99

Winemaker's Notes:

This red is aromatic, fresh, with ripe cherry and hints of blackberry and other fruit and there is also a delicious savory aspect to this wine. Casteggio "Oltrepo Pavese" Sangue di Giuda 2010 is a sparkler made from 80% Croatina, 20% Uva Rara. There is a density to this luscious wine and an overwhelming impression of freshness and fine fruit. The light tannins help to give the wine structure.

In addition to this wine being a magnificent pairing with dessert, it would be a wonderful accompaniment to any meat dish, from a beautiful roast to a plate of thinly sliced beef Carpaccio.

My Notes: