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Date Printed: 9/30/2016
Carole Bouquet Passito Di Pantelleria Sweet (500ML) 2001
Carole Bouquet Passito Di Pantelleria Sweet (500ML) 2001
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With delicious confit notes of bergamot orange, quinine and dried apricot, it boasts a limpid, suave and smooth mouth. The perfect softness and fine length in the mouth imbue it with incredible persistence.
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About Carole Bouquet :

The vineyard is located in the Pantelleria Island (Sicilia), between Sicilia and Tunisia.

The soil of the Moscato di Pantelleria, from the Carole Bouquet Vineyard, is composed of 70% volcanic stone and 30% clay and limestone. The Moscato di Pantelleria is made with a variety called "Muscat of Alexandria", locally named "Zibbido" (meaning "grape to dry"). Aromas are very strong and these grapes show a great resistance to climatic elements. Vines grow in many different levels in the vineyard called "en terrasses", and are surrounded by little walls of stone which protect the vineyard feom the wind,because in Pantelleria, the wind blows about 321 days a year. Grapes are hand-picked, then once selected, are laid on the ground dry in the sun. This is called "passerillage". After two or three weeks of the drying process, grapes are added to a fermentating wine in order to increase the richness of the wine. After the fermentations and once allowed to naturally clear, the wine is bottled.