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Date Printed: 3/30/2015
Cameron Hughes Lot 119 Meritage 2005
Cameron Hughes Lot 119 Meritage 2005
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PRICE ON 3/30/2015: $12.99

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Last summer we were invited to visit one of the facilities in a recently formed marketing group for several wineries in the Napa/Sonoma area. There we were shown about 10 wines and suffice it to say we bought everything they put in front of us, ranging from Carneros Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to Atlas Peak Cabernet to Alexander Valley Meritage. Everything we bought were finished bottling blend, simply excess wines above and beyond where they saw their sales projections and all ready to go right into the bottle. Go into the bottle they did this Fall.
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About Cameron Hughes:

With an obsession for quality and innovation, Cameron Hughes Wine, founded by Cameron Hughes and partner Jessica Kogan, is dedicated to building a reputation for delivering the best domestic and international wine values in the marketplace today. Our focus is on buying at the high-end, small available 'Lots' of super premium wine. Because not all wine at the high-end is bottled, we rescue those 'Lots' do some stylistic blending and get it to you at a great price.

Our company was founded on the concept that exquisite wine should be available at everyday prices. Cameron is a wine n├ęgociant who travels the world in search of exceptional wines to share with wine lovers in select markets. Our wines are sourced from the finest growers and winery partners who must remain anonymous as they produce wines for much more expensive projects.