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Date Printed: 1/17/2017
Boutari Santorini Kallisti 2000
Boutari Santorini Kallisti 2000
(search item no. 50526)
Wine & Spirits rating: 92 points
PRICE ON 1/17/2017: $16.49

ratings pedigree (past vintages):
2002 Wine & Spirits rating: 92 points
1999 Wine & Spirits rating: 92 points

Winemaker's Notes:

"Kallisti is an oaked version of Santorini...the grape's flavors quickly overtake the oak, with lemon pith, grapefruit and quartz-like mineral notes to fill in the wine's almondy breadth. By the time it grows juicy as a ripe pear, the oak is long forgotten, an invisible support that will help sustain the wine for years to come."
-Wines & Spirits

Golden yellow, complex aromas induced by aging (wood, almond, smoke and vanilla), which blend harmoniously with the varietal aroma of flowers. Soft, round and full-bodied with a lingering aromatic aftertaste.

FOOD PAIRING: Shellfish and grilled fish.

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About Boutari:

The Boutari family has been crafting wines from Greek varietals since 1879, when Yiannis Boutari first started producing red wines in the small northern village of Naoussa. Since that first vintage the family has become a pioneer of Greek wines. From exporting the first bottled red wine from Greece to reviving lost varietals, Boutari now crafts wines from six different regions using varietals that are grown nowhere else in the world. In a constant quest for improvement Boutari maintains "demonstration" vineyards around Greece where local farmers are invited to learn new methods and techniques for improving their grapes. The results have been astounding: Boutari has been named an International Winery of the Year by Wine and Spirits 14 times – only 5 wineries in the world have received the award more times. Achievements such as developing the modern style of Santorini to reviving lost varietals have garnered lavish praise from the wine press and spawned a generation of high-quality Greek wines made by vintners who cut their teeth under the tutelage of the Boutari family.