Bottega Winery
Sandro Bottega carries many titles: race car driver, modern art aficionado, singer, guitarist, glass designer, avid tennis player and – above all – the charismatic producer of Bottega Wine & Liqueurs.

The basic principles Sandro holds fundamental are simple: creativity, quality and flavor are inextricably linked, discovery is a never-ending process and imaginative presentation is essential. Sandro is also a tireless international ambassador for fine wine and spirits. An entrepreneur at heart and always looking for a challenge, Sandro is involved in the production of grappa, sparkling wine, wine accessories, hand-blown glass, mineral water, olive oil and organic food.

Distilleria Bottega was founded nearly 40 years ago by master distiller and Sandro’s father, Aldo Bottega. The company is headquartered in Castello Roganzuolo, about 30 miles from Venice, Italy, with a state-of-the-art distillery located in Pianzano.

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