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Date Printed: 4/28/2015
Bonny Doon Le Pousseur Syrah 2005
Bonny Doon Le Pousseur Syrah 2005
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Wine Enthusiast rating: 90 points
PRICE ON 4/28/2015: $16.29

ratings pedigree (past vintages):
2009 Wine Spectator rating: 88 points
2008 International Wine Cellar rating: 88 points
2006 Wine Enthusiast rating: 93 points
2004 International Wine Cellar rating: 90 points
2004 Wine Enthusiast rating: 88 points

Winemaker's Notes:

The label of the Syrah "Le Pousseur" suggests a mysterious figure, cloaked in a great coat, in which rare vials and flasks of vaguely illicit elixirs, potions and philtres are cached. The image evokes a Tarot card, and as such, represents an archetypical figure, an icon resonant to the unconscious. Great Syrah is all about perfume and the tension between the wild and the refined.

2005 was a coolish year, one of elegance and restraint, and the '05 is extremely refined; the wine (upon decanting) has an especially seductive perfume. The signifiers of vrai syrah: bacon fat is well in evidence, as is the scent of licorice, anise, wintergreen, violet and spicy elements – white pepper, most notably, juniper, cardamom and sandalwood. There is also a brilliant mineral element herein – mostly in virtue of shy-yielding grapes. The texture is particularly noteworthy, with melted, creamy tannins and a very silky finish.

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About Bonny Doon:

Based in Santa Cruz, heartland of New Age thinking and deferred transition to adulthood, Bonny Doon Vineyard has a not-so surprising history of idealism and innovation. Founded by Randall Grahm in the bucolic hamlet of Bonny Doon, California, in 1983, we’re known for strikingly original wines made from lesser-known (though no less noble) grape varieties, the vinous Ugly Ducklings. Bonny Doon Vineyard made its mark with pioneering work with Rhône varieties, innovative production techniques, and imaginative marketing that has, truth be told, sometimes been too clever by half. Since the adoption of biodynamic farming practices in 2004 and the radical slimming down of product portfolio and case production in 2006 (with a concomitant greater degree of focus and attention to detail), the wines evince a more complex expression of varietal character, a more noticeable sense of organization, and a greater degree of life-force.

Come visit our Tasting Room, located at 450 Highway 1, Davenport, CA, about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz. This is a wonderful intimate space that is the perfect venue to enjoy our doon-home wines, even if your home is perhaps Alpha Centauri. We’re here to serve mankind (wines that are out of this world).