Bodegas Enguera

The Perez-Pardo family comes from Caroig Massif, a rugged, very mountainous area with deep ravines, broad valleys--and a very long tradition of wine making.

It is located in the southwest Province of Valencia, in the River Clariano district, under the Valencia Designation of Origin.

The Bodega was founded in 1999. Its motivation was that of building up a winery entirely based on our own vineyards, so as to produce wines by our own extensive work.

Bodegas Enguera possesses 160 hectares of its own vineyards, distributed between two areas: Fontanaras dels Alforins and Enguera.

Biodiversity is important to the ecosystem, which is why we do not use pesticides or herbicides in our farming practices and rather allowing grass to grow between the rows in our vineyards. This creates an environment for natural predators and has a beneficial impact on teh soil, water and microclimate in our vineyards.

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