Bodega TuKma

Cafayate, Salta, in Argentina's northern reaches, showcases landscapes as mystical as they are majestic and carries the legacy of the Incan empire as much as that of geological distinction. Every bottle of wine produced here holds some of Incas’ ancient spirituality; every vine still feels their touch in the earth. In homage of this area’s first inhabitants, who called their chief "Tukma" and their land "Tukmanao," this new project, with vineyards situated among the mountains and red desert on the border between Salta and Tucumán (just outside of Cafayate) reflects their heritage in its name.

Master local winemaker and Torrontés specialist, Jose Luis Mounier, crafts wines that could only be made by one who deeply understands this unique land. The vineyards are completely unique: "Los Tolombones", situated in Tolombón at 1,700 meters above sea level, and "Los Angastacos", in Angastaco at 1,990 meters above sea level, which total 15 hectares of vineyards under production. Bodega Tukma also owns vineyard land in Colalao del Valle, Tucumán province, and in Huacalera, province of Jujuy, this latter at an incredible 2,700 meters above sea level, considered to be the highest altitude vineyards in Argentina. Although the vines are as old as 38 years (in the case of the Torrontés), this is only the second bottled vintage of Tukma wines.

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