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Date Printed: 4/28/2015
Biltmore Estate Chateau Biltmore Cabernet Sauvignon 2001
Biltmore Estate Chateau Biltmore Cabernet Sauvignon 2001
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PRICE ON 4/28/2015: $18.99

Winemaker's Notes:

After many years of work to improve the viticultural methods in the North Carolina mountains, Biltmore Winery has produced an exceptional Chateau Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine presents a dark cherry color with concentrated berry flavor and a slight taste of oak.
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About Biltmore Estate:

Biltmore Estate continues to honor the legacy of the land with Biltmore Estate wines. These award-winning blends, created by our French winemaker, celebrate all that George Vanderbilt aspired to create with his estate—excellence, quality, and hospitality. Enjoy a bottle of Biltmore Estate wine with your next meal, celebration, or quiet conversation.