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Date Printed: 2/12/2016
Big House Red (3 Liter Octavin Home Wine Bar) 2008
Big House Red (3 Liter Octavin Home Wine Bar) 2008
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PRICE ON 2/12/2016: $21.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Blend: 23% Syrah, 14% Petite Sirah, 9% Grenache, 9% Montepuliciano, 6% Mourvedre, 6% Sangiovese, 6% Algianico, 6% Tannat, 5% Nero d'Avola, 4% Sargentino, 3% Touriga, 3% Barbera, 3% Petit Verdot

A strong vintage with a long, dry growing season gave promise for 2008. This Big House Red wine lives up to the "Fruit Bomb" moniker that you have come to expect. The grapes underwent a cold soak for a couple of days, and then were cold fermented, never exceeding 65°F. Portions of the blend underwent malolactic fermentation and barrel aging in mostly French and American neutral oak. The wine starts with a nose full of loganberries and raspberries, with hints of leather and spices. The palate is clean, exhibiting flavors of cranberries, roses, and a touch of rhubarb. The finish lingers with flavors of vanilla.

About the Octavin
Octavin Home Wine Bar's patent-pending package design prevents oxidation. Every glass tastes as fresh and flavorful as if the wine was just opened, even up to six weeks after your first sip. It's the perfect choice for those interested in just one glass with dinner.

Octavin Home Wine Bar's innovative design allows us to invest in making great wine, not expensive packaging. By eliminating heavy glass and expensive cork and closures, we reduce the cost of packaging and shipping, and pass on those savings to you. While each Octavin contains the equivalent of four standard bottles of distinctive artisan wine, you often end up paying the price of just three bottles.

So go ahead and break the glass habit--and mother nature just might thank you for it. By choosing Octavin Home Wine Bar over four carbon-inefficient heavy glass bottles, you reduce packaging waste by at least 85% and carbon emissions by 55%.

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About Big House:

The Big House wines were born of the notion that the California climate is quite hospitable to the rollicking, sun loving grapes of Mediterranean France, Italy and Spain. Big House has found that by blending, rather than relying upon a single variety, they can create far more complex, rich wines that elegantly match a very wide variety of cuisine, from pizza, to BBQ ribs to roast chicken.