Bayliss & Fortune

The year was 1898. Two salesmen in the growing Australian wine industry, Thomas Bayliss and Charles Fortune, had a vision: to convince Americans and the English to accept and enjoy the wines produced by their young country. Wines that were just becoming accepted on the great wine stages of Europe. Today, over a century later, the kinship of Bayliss & Fortune forged with the people of America still endures and is celebrated through the wines that proudly bear their names.

The Napa, Monterey and Saminas Valley regions are the very essence of California's grape-growing and winemaking heart. This is where the character of Bayliss & Fortune wines is formed. Where dedicated growers have joined the Bayliss & Fortune "family" to produce fruit to the exacting demands of David O'Leary and his winemaking team.

Beyond the grapes, however, lies the unique aspect of Bayliss & Fortune. It is the harmonious marriage of new world technology and time-honoured traditional winemaking methods, under the watchful eye of our Australian winemakers. Their penchant for incredible attention to detail makes them relentless in their quest for Bayliss and Fortune wines to fully express pure varietal character and ultimately, deliver total satisfaction to the consumer.

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