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Date Printed: 3/31/2015
Baileyana Grand Firepeak Cuvee Chardonnay 2008
Baileyana Grand Firepeak Cuvee Chardonnay 2008
(search item no. 110994)
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Wine Enthusiast rating: 90 points
PRICE ON 3/31/2015: $18.99

ratings pedigree (past vintages):
2012 Tasting Panel rating: 90 points
2010 Vinous / Antonio Galloni rating: 91 points
2010 Wine Enthusiast rating: 90 points
2009 Wine Enthusiast rating: 90 points
2009 Vinous / Antonio Galloni rating: 90 points
2007 Wine Enthusiast rating: 90 points
1998 Wine Enthusiast rating: 88 points

Winemaker's Notes:

The Grand Firepeak Cuvee (or GFC) Chardonnay is a classically-styled Chardonnay is nicely structured and well balanced, with a subtle acid backbone. Flavors of apple and crisp pear are seamlessly woven with notes of citrus, minerality, and a hint of vanilla.

The Grand Firepeak Vineyard is the Niven family's estate vineyard on the most northern, coolest end of the Edna Valley on California's Central Coast. It's planted to a diverse clonal selction of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah. Cuvee is French term denoting a specific blend or batch, carefully assembled by a winemaker.

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About Baileyana Winery:

Baileyana's winemaking facility is in the heart of the Edna Valley. The building was designed and built to Christian Roguenant's specifications. It houses a first-rate fruit delivery system, small presses, and many small open-top fermentors. In an adjacent building are three climate-controlled barrel rooms. The winery design allows Christian and his winemaking team a number of options for fermenting and aging the wines. Because they can treat each clone as a separate wine, they can identify and enhance the particularities of the very best lots. They then blend selected lots together in a way that creates the best of the best-the winemaker signature on our world-class Baileyana wines.