The Pays de Vaud has put itself firmly on the world map of wine thanks to the unique qualities of its Chasselas which the soils of the region endow with a rich diversity of accents and characteristics. But in the post-war years our wines have not escaped the all-embracing process of standardization. Technical advances in oenology have raised standards, smoothing the corners, but blurring individual character. At the same time, burgeoning demand in the wine market has stimulated production.

Though no more virtuous than the winegrowers of other regions, the people of Aigle and Yvorne are sheltered from the temptations of increasing yields by the natural barrier of the terrain and the characteristics of the local soils. We are fortunate in being able to claim that our appellations have preserved all their exclusivity and prestige. But our great concern is to continue improving the style of our fine wines. To this end we are constantly tightening the self-imposed rules under which we work. Firstly, by enhancing our knowledge of the natural factors affecting the selection and planting of the best grape varieties. Also high on our list of priorities are organic methods of cultivation, respect for the environment and product integrity. In the same spirit, we aim to master the production technology with the sole object of enhancing the authenticity and originality of our wines. The inevitable corollary of these principles is to impose an ever-stricter limitation on yields. What better token of the honesty of the soil and the taste of the grape? What better way of responding to the expectations and requirements of you the customer ? What more sublime challenge than to perfect a wine?

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