Argento Winery
At Argento, they have always had a strong belief that blending fruit sourced from a variety of altitudes, soil profiles and microclimates creates more interesting wines with greater complexity and balance. The grapes come from vineyards throughout the main regions of Mendoza: the Uco Valley, the Central Region and the Eastern Region.

Within these three regions there are numerous sub-regions, such as Agrelo, Tupungato, Maipú, Luján de Cuyo and San Carlos where the climate, altitude and soil profile differ considerably. Argento makes the most of Mendoza's natural conditions and find the best balance between terroir, canopy management, and grape variety. They nurture their vines so they grow to be healthy and the grapes achieve perfect ripeness and they harvest at the exact moment when the balance between sugar, acids and polyphenols is right.

In the winery, the grapes are pressed with the greatest care and fermented at controlled temperatures to extract all the intense fruit characters. They protect the must from oxidation at all times to keep our wines as fresh as possible. In the blending process they combine grapes from up to 12 different vineyard sites, allowing them to craft the very best blend for each wine. Finally, they select only the best French and American oak to age our wines and develop the vanilla, tobacco and chocolate characters, bringing even further complexity to the blends of the final wines.

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