Alemany I Corrio

The winery was founded in 1999 by husband and wife enologists Irene Alemany and Laurent Corrió in the Penedés region. The 8 hectare (20 acres) vineyards are made up of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cariñera (carignan) vines which range in average age from 25 years for the Merlot and Cabernet to 60 years for the Cariñera.

Their wine - Sot Lefriec is emerging as a wine of true ‘First Growth’ potential and as one of Spain's finest wines. The winery is truly a garage winery, which allows the winemakers to express themselves in the way they wish. The facility is tucked into 200 square meters (2,150 sq. feet) and has an annual production of some 5,000 bottles.

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