Albert Mann

Albert Mann Winery
The Barthelme brothers, winemaker Jacky and vitiiculturist Maurice, have now attained the recognition they deserve. Rated by The Wine Advocate Robert Parker in the top tier of Alsace producers, and One Star Rating in The Classement by Revue du Vin de France. From the Pinot Auxerrois, through all their expressive Grand Crus, to their rich, Selection Grains Noble, they portray their unique style consistently; beautiful delineation of flavors and precise textures, never heavy, clumsy or out of balance.

A bit of history. Maurice Barthelme married Albert Mann's daughter, Marie-Claire, and gradually took over the domaine. He brought his brother Jacky into the operation In 1990. From Mann, there were Grand Cru Vineyards, Hengst, Steingrubler, Pfersigberg (for Tokay VV) and the wonderful Rosenberg Vineyard. From their mother (a member of the Blanck Family of Kaysersberg) they inherited the Schlossberg and Furstentum Vineyards (as well as the Altenbourg, adjoining the Furstentum).

Beginning in 1993, the Barthelme's started a string of dazzling successes. The 1998's continue this tradition, adding the character of the 1998 vintage to the Barthelme style: even more brilliant delineation from a more challenging, but in turn, rewarding "vintage of the vigneron."

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