Agricola Falset-Marca

Agricolo Falset-Marca is the result of the merging of the cooperatives of Falset and Marsa, which at the time helped to reinforce and to culminate the project of improving our enterprise, both at the level of production and elaboration.

It is situated in the district of Priorat, a region that owes its international fame to the grapes it cultivates and to the wines it elaborates. The wine making here is traditional...the carthusian monks having introduced new methods of making wine in the 12th century, these methods today one still respected. Over eighty years of production and constant innovation has allowed us to offer a consistently high level of quality in our products.

The cellar, in the modernist style, is of great architectural interest, (Historic Monument declarated). The work of the architect Cesar Martinell, a disciple of Gaudi, it is inspired by medieval forms, as you can see in the tracery over the arch of the main door and the two castellated towers.

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