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The Official app for iPad is a unique way to discover and shop for wine. We designed the app specifically for the iPad, including many exciting and interactive features not available on the website.
  • Label Flow Interface
    "Label Flow" lets you swipe through labels and filter easily to discover new wines to add to your cave and cart.
  • Geo Wineries
    Explore the winemaking regions of the world and learn about the wineries that make your favorite wines.
  • Cave
    Access wine in your 'cave' in the app and on! Log in or create an account right in the app.
  • Detail Page
    Learn about the winery, varietal, region, and appellation for each wine with one touch. for iPhone
Introducting the new iPhone app from

  • Find exactly what you are looking for: Refine lists with easy to use filters
  • Learn more about the wine: Browse our extensive wine and wine gift catalog by wine type, region, appellation, varietal, professional ratings, and wine style
  • Discover great values: One click access to the premier list of "90+ Point Rated Wines under $20"
  • Remember what you liked, and what you didn't: Review, rate and save wines you tried
  • Keep and share your favorites: Create and edit lists of wines to send to friends, save for later or purchase from
  • Buy what you love: Add to cart and purchase from the #1 Online Wine Shop,
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