04. Multiple Charges - Why is my online statement showing more than one charge?


In most cases, Wine.com will settle or finalize your charge at the time the order is shipped (the day it leaves our warehouse and is with the carrier). There are some instances such as with wine clubs, Futures, gift certificates and Steward-Ship Program enrollments or renewals where we settle the charge at the time you place your order. 

At the time you place your order, Wine.com will authorize your credit card and verify and hold the applicable funds.  If you see what looks like more than one pending charge on your credit card or debit card record, it is almost certainly just more than authorization for the purchase.  This occurs when your credit card company or Bank confirms more than once that you have enough credit for your Wine.com transaction.

For debit card purchases, wine.com will seek authorization for an initial amount which will be held (most banks remove this amount from your available balance). Wine.com sends the bank the actual purchase amount at the time we ship the order.  The final charge may be different than the amount that was initially authorized.  This would happen when any changes are made to the order after it was placed (if you contact us to add or delete wine, change your shipping method, or any type of change that would require a charge adjustment).

Ultimately there will be only one actual charge finalized with your credit card company and any extra authorizations for the funds will drop from your account. You can confirm this with your credit card company.  With most banks, if they do not receive a final payment request from the merchant within 3 business days, the initial "authorization" amount is added back to your Available Balance.

If your credit card company does indeed confirm more than one complete and finished charge ("settlements" in credit card company lingo), or if you have any other question about billing discrepancies, please visit our Customer Care area and submit your issue using the "Ask a Question" form provided.

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