03. Credit Card Declines - What do I do if the cart is not accepting my billing information?


If your credit card is not accepted and you are bounced back to the Billing Information screen of the shopping cart, you should see a message in red at the top of the screen telling you what information may be missing or is incorrect or if the card has been declined.

Generally these errors are related to:
- One or more fields were left blank in the Billing Information screen
- One or more fields contained invalid data in the Billing Information screen
- The information provided may not match what your bank has on record
- The bank has declined the card for an undisclosed reason.

You may want to double check all fields to ensure the data is complete and accurate. The billing address must match what your card issuer has on file (where you receive your billing statements).  If you feel you have entered all your card information correctly, you may want to contact the issuer of the card to report the problem you experienced.

If a card has been declined, you may want to try a different credit card.  If you'd like assistance completing your transaction with another credit card, please feel free to contact us at 800-592-5870.

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