04. Editing Your Account - How do I edit my addresses, credit cards, etc?


Login to view and edit your Wine.com account information.
You can update your Wine.com account information by logging into your Wine.com account.  To login to your Wine.com account, from the top of any Wine.com page, use the Welcome Back! drop down menu and select the My Account or the Sign In link. You will then be asked to enter your email address and your password to access your account information.

Your Wine.com Account stores great information for you!
Once you have logged in and can access your page, you will see the listing of the items you can view and/or edit. Simply click on the item you wish to edit from the selection listed and make and save your updates as applicable.  Each update page will also provide tips and hints.

Wine Club changes require you to contact us!
To ensure that any updates or changes to your Wine Club subscription are properly attached to your Club and all future shipments, it is best to contact us. 

If you are the purchaser of the Wine Club -
You can update address and billing information online by accessing your Wine.com account.  However, once you make those changes, it is important to contact us.  Changes you make online are not automatically attached to your future Wine Club shipments.  Please give us a call or, after making your updates, visit our Customer Care help section to email us notification of the changes using our "Ask a Question" form.  For the security of your credit card data, please do not include complete credit card numbers using this form.

If you are a gift recipient of a Wine Club -
Your Wine Club is actually connected to the gift giver's Wine.com account.  We are happy to make any changes necessary.  When you contact us, you will need a recent order number or the exact name on the shipping label to help us find your Wine Club subscription.

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