Leek Whipped Potatoes with Sterling Caviar

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Leek Whipped Potatoes with Sterling Caviar

provided by Ken Frank, chef at La Toque
9 ounces Sterling caviar
4 large Yukon Gold potatoes (peeled)
4 large Yukon Gold potatoes (unpeeled)
2 Leeks
¾ cup cream
4 TB unsalted butter
cooking oil

Leek Whipped Potatoes
Thinly slice the white of the leeks, sweat until tender in 4 TB unsalted butter, add the cream, season with salt and simmer for 30 minutes. Puree and reserve until potatoes are done. Cut the peeled potatoes into chunks and cook in boiling salted water 20 – 30 minutes until very tender. Strain and allow to dry for a minute or two, then combine with the leek puree and whip until fluffy. Verify seasoning, add salt as necessary and keep hot.

Yukon Gold Potato Chips
Slice the unpeeled potatoes into 36 very thin chips. (Using a mandoline is a good idea as they will all be perfectly even for baking.) Soak in cold water for 5 minutes, then pat dry and toss with canola oil. Cook in a 325 degree oven between two non stick baking sheets until golden brown

Serving and Presentation
Top each chip with a spoonful of leek whipped potatoes. Garnish with a generous dollop of Sterling Caviar. Arrange on a silver tray, sprinkle with chopped chives serve

Makes 3 dozen hors d’ oeuvres.

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