Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla (500ML)

Sherry from Spain

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Item No. 9923
  • WS91
Alcohol By Volume: 15.0%

Alcohol By Volume Guide

  • 10%
  • 16+%
Most wine ranges from 10-16% alcohol by volume. Some varietals tend to have higher (for example Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon) or lower alcohol levels (Pinot Noir and many white varietals), but there is always some variation from producer to producer. Some wine falls outside of this range, for instance Port weighs in closer to 20%, while Muscat and Riesling are usually a bit below 10%.

Winemaker's Notes

#32 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2013

The standard of type and leader both in Spain and abroad. Manzanilla is the rarest of all authentic sherries, being uniquely site-specific in origin. Matured beneath a constant veil of yeast (called flor) as only occurs in beachfront and protected cliffside bodegas of sanlucar, giving Manzanilla a dry, haunting delicacy analogous to fine Champagne.

Critical Acclaim

"Bright, with saline, sunchoke and blanched almond notes backed by a piercing, chalk-framed finish. This is all precision and cut."
91 Points

Customer Reviews Sign In to Add Your Own

paigey - West Palm Beach, FL (read all my reviews)

okay so i dont know much about sherry....but... as a wine lover...I couldn't drink it. So different tasting from wine. Hate to admit it but poured it down the drain. I guess it must be an acquired taste
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This reminds me of one of the first bottles of wine I ever opened (30 years ago), didn't drink it all, and let it sit in a warm cupboard for a month. Then try to drink it.. of course it had turned sour. This is what this Manzanilla tastes like. UGH. And I bought 4 bottles on wine.com recommendations!
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Kim Chau - Issaquah, WA (read all my reviews)

This is an amazing wine to serve as a starter/apertif with roasted almonds, smokey dry meats, olives. Remember to serve it in a sherry glass! ...Proper porportion makes a difference in the experience of this fine wine.
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OC nurse - Trabuco Canyon, CA (read all my reviews)

i did not realize when i ordered this that it was SHERRY and not a white wine (duh!). Nevertheless, it was delightful, especially with Spanish tapas such as manchego cheese and serrano ham. Will order again.
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daphy955 - Wilson, NC (read all my reviews)

I could not believe how great this wines tastes!
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Syb - West Covina, CA (read all my reviews)

Was sour and tasted like herbal medicine, however the after taste was interesting... really disappointed at this wine
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thxcanihaveanother - Grand Prairie, TX (read all my reviews)

alcohol content overwhelms the flavor
Please sign in or create a profile to rate
I would not buy this wine again. I thought it tasted more like cold medicine than anything else.
Please sign in or create a profile to rate

julia - Glen Cove, NY (read all my reviews)

The ST rating of 97, and the others' glowing reviews are confusing me, as the manzanilla I had, tasted of nothing more than spicy seawater. I know that the briney taste is characteristic of manzanilla, but there were absolutely no other flavors present.
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Mouth coating and delicious. Not for every day, but a big hit with the right group.
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semiquaver - Los Angeles, CA (read all my reviews)

very special - manzanilla is bone-dry though, so don't be surprised! and remember to drink it all once opened - once exposed to oxygen it will quickly lose its special qualities.
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Despite the negative reviews already attributed to this sherry, some dissapointingly calling it 'mediciny' tasting, Manzanilla is what is affectionately referred to in Spain as 'Gypsy Wine' because the 'Gitanos' or Spanish Gypsy people there seem to love it so. Being Gitano myself (La Gitana means 'the Gypsy Girl') I, of course, found it delightful and a pleasure to sip! Just the thing for loosening up the vocal chords in the wee small hours of morning to help one sing a sad saeta or spirited 'cante chico' flamenco song! If you're not Gypsy you won't understand the taste but you can try! To us it's delicious and, thank goodness, very DRY. Buy it and impress your friends with your insight into the Gypsy duende of the Sacromonte-La Chana regions of Granada!"
Please sign in or create a profile to rate
This is a fino, very, very dry. A little heavy on the high fraction alcohol and not as strongly nutty as I would have liked. It's a great aperitif.
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Sorry people, but this is not wine: it's Sherry and of a special type, Manzanilla. It is a fino (very dry) style grown near the port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Sherry is fortified wine. Unlike its kissing cousin, Port - brandy/ high proof alcohol is added after fermentation, not during. Thus Sherry is much drier. As to this particular Manzanilla, it is more than can be expected at this price. I can taste fruit and sea air- the latter reminiscent of the current fad of "fleur du sel" bon-bons. The salt strengthens or intensifies the flavour. Please reviewers, don't w[h]ine, complain or downgrade a product because your lack of knowledge. No, it's not sweet, like a port. No, the faint salt is not a mistake. it's not a "Sticky, not a Port, not a Tokaji, Ice or Sauterne. It is what it is: a good example of its kind.
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There is no review from the IWC online of this. I didn't think wine.com would do this. You have to require a taste for this wine, in my opinion. It's something different.
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Recently I had a rather embarrasing experience when I sent this as a gift. The recipient was flattered that I had sent them the gift but was unfortunately underwhelmed by the content. He stated that the wine had a decidedly "unusual flavor" and a surprisingly high alcohol content, be aware of that if you're going to purchase this.
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Perhaps I did not have the right expectations, but this is definitely suited to specific tastes. It didn't taste like wine to me, nor did it taste like medicine (as others describe it). I found it to have a very overpowering earthiness and nuttiness to it. The best way I can describe it is it tasted like someone let walnuts and a few pieces of tree bark ferment in a bottle of unfiltered lake water. The aftertaste is powerful, and the nuttiness really comes to the palate. Only buy if you know this is what you want.
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