California Unoaked Chardonnay

Price: $25.00 $20.99
Price: $25.00 $20.99
Aromas of fresh baked apple-lemon tart, as well as flavors of lime zest and buttery croissants. The palate is marked with minerality, adding to the complexity of the wine and complementing the excellent, long finish. This refreshing, medium-bodied wine shows crisp, food-friendly acidity.Pair with pan roasted bay scallops, zucchini salad with Tallegio or lemon baked chicken.
Price: $42.00 $32.99
This wine is a very clean and crisp version of a California Chardonnay. Even though there is no oak and no malolcatic fermentation, the stirring adds an interesting creamy texture which fills out the palate. The 2012 growing season was ideal with no frost, a mild spring, and a very temperate, long growing season. This allowed varietals to ripen to ...
Price: $28.99
The UnOaked Chardonnay is a pure expression of cool, foggy Green Valley. The body and texture are amazing. The wine is remarkably rich and elegant. Aromas of ripe fruits, with flavors of baked pear and grapefruit and citrus. On the nose, green apple, mandarin orange and a hint of lime.
Price: $32.99
This wine is a very clean and crisp version of a CaliforniaChardonnay. Even though there is no oak and nomalolactic fermentation, the stirring adds an interestingcreamy texture which fills out the mid-palate. Because the ripeness and aromatics came on early in the 2013 season, the winery made sure to pick Chardonnay quite early to maintain freshness and acidity. This picking ...
Price: $9.99
The 2013 Smoking Loon "Steelbird" is Chardonnay with a difference. The winemaker kicked the oak to the curb aging this wine for five months in 100% stainless steel. The wine opens with layers of juicy and ripe honeydew melon, followed by steely notes of citrus. Vibrant, yet creamy on the palate from 100% malolactic fermentation, with its refreshing flavors of ...
Price: $22.00 $19.99
Flaxen in color and fresh from start to finish, the 2013 vintage opens up with aromas of fruit blossoms and Meyer lemon. Bright citrus shines through on the palate, with a crisp acidity and depth that belies the wine's unoaked character. On the finish: a lingeringfreshness that creates a perfect complement to salads, grilled seafood, tomato-based dishes and fresh oysters.Mer ...
Price: $29.99
By nose, ripe, baked pear and grapefruit. By mouth, green apple, mandarin orange and a hint of lime. This is a great vegetable wine. In summer, we love to take a bottle out to the tomato patch. Thinksimple, clean flavors like smoked trout and warm fingerling potato salad with capers. Also serve as a perfect counter balance to rich and ...
Price: $12.99
Inviting aromas of green apple and citrus are accented by vibrant mineral notes. Bright flavors of honeysuckle and passion fruit dance on the palate, ending with a hint of lemon. The wine displays a crisp acidity while maintaining a balanced palate and creamy texture that leads to a long finish.
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